UVA vs. Maryland

Baltimore: Day 3

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Championship day, the pinnacle of the lacrosse world.

I have a bunch of videos, but sadly my filming can be shaky and terrible at times so only a few will make the cut. Don’t zoom in with a flip camera. The good news is the video of Jeff Brunelle and Connor Wilson dancing in Thailand is crisp. You’ll see that very soon.

WOOOOOOO, couldn’t wait for Memorial Day to see the final 2 teams battle it out at M&T Bank. My pick to win it all was Virginia after seeing their zone defense so effective against Cornell. We entered the stadium and snapped a quick picture:

My dad was loving his IU Lacrosse gear all weekend

We also bought some prizes

The game itself was a blast. Watching it on TV doesn’t compare to in person, despite the heat of the Baltimore sun.

We needed some of these in the stands

The extra things you notice at a live game compared to on tv is the most interesting part. How the sideline conducts itself, subbing in general, how teams warm up, etc. I found that the UVA sideline was often times sloppy while the Maryland sideline was generally pretty organized, as you can see from the previous pictures. Interesting stuff. Interesting indeed.

The game was definitely a fun one to watch, and the hometown Maryland crowd was electric.

We were able to catch Grant Catalino scoring for Maryland on the Flip. Again, sorry for some shakiness:

We also caught a wonderful Closer to the Edge montage on tape. What? You thought they would let the fans in Baltimore forget about Jared Leto? You are mistaken.

Sadly, we had to leave with 8 minutes to go in the game and the score tied 6-6. It wasn’t too upsetting, since we were leaving to catch a flight to Thailand. The best reason I could think of to leave championship day early. Nothing makes you want to play lacrosse more than watching it at the highest level live for 3 days. And since my college days are done, I was super excited to go play in Thailand with the LAS crew.


A great conclusion to one of the best weekends I have had. Hoping LAS might set up a booth next year so there’s an excuse to go again.

Experiences in Thailand are coming your way.

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