Salisbury vs. Tufts

Baltimore: Day 2

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Yes, championship weekend was a week ago, but a certain trip to Thailand postponed the uploading of the fun times. But it’s never too late for fun.

Days 2 and 3 in Baltimore were a BLAST. Day 1 was amazing because we got to take in all the sights and sounds that championship weekend had to offer. On Sunday and Monday, it was all about the lacrosse.

Sunday featured the Division 2 and 3 finals. The only real exposure I have had to division 3 teams was when we played Fontbonne my freshman year and Trine my sophomore year. Other than that, I haven’t hardly seen any divison 3, and I have never watched a divison 2 game. I was pretty excited to see what the top teams had to offer in each division.

Mercyhurst vs. Adelphi

This game is what championship weekend is all about! It was a thriller to the very end, with the Hurst goalie making an incredible last second save to solidify the win. Two things shocked me here:

1. The talent level/stick skills of these teams were comparable to the D1 games we watched the day before

2. The Mercyhurst attackman #7 was literally 5’7″. He was one of their best players. BUT he looked exactly like one of our IU attackman, we call him Bambi.


#7 on Hurst

It’s hard to show how two people move the same by exhibiting two still pictures, but it’s the best I can do. To me, they looked so similar that I had to post it.

More photos:

Amazing Flag

Chrome Goalie Head


Hurst Wins!

Salisbury vs. Tufts

Another fun game to watch but Tufts didn’t stand a chance. Sam Bradman went off for 7 goals. Still unsure of how anyone could stop that guy.

Again, the talent level in this game shocked me. I would fancy to say, though I am only basing this off of the two championship games, that the main difference between Division 1 and the other 2 divisions is average size of the players. The average D1 player is bigger than the average D2 and D3. That might be an obvious statement, but from what I saw, this was the biggest thing. Like I said, I haven’t watched that much D2 or D3 so I could be wrong, just what I observed from championship weekend.


Salisbury Warmups

The Tufts Helmets Were Solid

Loved Salisbury’s King IIIs

The Closest The Cubs Will Get To Championship Weekend

Congrats to Salisbury and Mercyhurst on championship seasons.

Day 3 of Baltimore is on the way shortly, it is almost finished.

Thailand was obviously a blast. Lots of images and video being edited. You do not want to miss it.

Also, watch out for more new “Meet The Hoosiers”.

Posts are a comin.

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