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The Return

It’s that time of year again. From far and wide the members of the Indiana University Lacrosse team are making their way back to the friendly confines of Bloomington, Indiana. The first week before classes consists of different things for everybody.

Moving out, moving in, buying furniture, paying bills, and tying up all the loose ends from the summer in order to get ready for this school year. We want everyone to be settled in as soon as possible because our first team meeting is this Tuesday.

Rec Fest Rewind

One of the staples of Welcome Week at IU is the annual Rec Fest, where all the club level sports gather to recruit new members and provide information to all those that are interested. It was also an opportunity for the returning players to stop by and check in with Coach Tumbas, Coach Nelson, Team President RC Aikens and First Lady Sam Sudakoff. It’s a good chance to catch up with old faces and introduce yourself to the new ones. From what I could muster, we had a great showing at Rec Fest in terms of prospective players for this season. I know Coach Tumbas already has a large group of guys that he recruited who we’re incredibly excited for, but it’s still important to give anyone who wants the opportunity to join our team. Maybe find one of those diamonds in the rough, who knows.

The next step for our team is the meeting on Tuesday, followed by new player evaluations soon after. We can’t be more excited for this season, we got our lunch packed up, our boots tied tight, I hope we don’t get in a fight…



The Major League Lacrosse finals took place today, and you may have just found out about that right now. So I’m sorry to spoil anything if you’re one of the three people that has it DVR’d.

It was a close game throughout with Boston pulling it out in the end 10-9 over the Hamilton Nationals. A few thoughts:

Casey Powell was the best player on the field.

Why did the Nationals take out Scott Rodgers at half? I get Queener is the “closer” but Rodgers played out of his mind when only Brodie Merrill was playing defense in front of him.

It was nice to Jake Steinfeld enjoying his one MLL game a year. Not to mention dropping the light up sticks bombshell. Read more about that HERE

Paul Rabil recently tweeted this photograph:

Visiting Locker room at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. Used to be my domain during my Bayhawks Intern years.

Congratulations Rabes, I’m gonna go watch my favorite Paul(y). Enjoy your night and enjoy Jersday on a Sunday


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